Admission Policy

Admissions to nebula montessori are made depending on the number of vacancies and based on information provided on a completed application form as well as from personal discussions with the parents.

Nebula Montessori follows the Montessori vertical age grouping in the environment. We would like parents to inform us of any special/health needs their child may have.


Applications for Admission, for the Early Years and Pre Primary are issued at the Front Office . If there are no vacancies you may leave your child's details on a waiting list and you will be contacted if a space becomes available. Children join the nebula Montessori Early Years Programme around the age of 1.6 months, the Pre Primary Programme between 2.6 and 3 years . We follow this age criteria within reasonable limits.

If Application Forms are going to be issued on a specific day/s, details will be given:

  • On the school notice board
  • On our website
  • Can be availed of by calling our Front Desk (+919591937006)
Nebula Montessori Admissions

For admissions and other general enquiries please call our Front Office between 9:00am and 12noon.


For further information regarding our programmes, application, vacancies etc you may call our Front Desk at:

Nebula Montessori House of Children
#9, Ramakrishnappa Road, Cox town
Bangalore - 560005
Karnataka, India.

Telephone: +91-95 91 937006

Please call between 12:00 pm - 02:00 pm


Observation & school tour

Parents are advised to observe the Montessori environment before enrolling their child, especially if they are not familiar with Montessori education as it is very different to traditional schooling. Appointments for Observation can be made at the front office. You will be given a place in the environmentsto sit and observe. The purpose for the visitor is ‘observation’ and not ‘participation’ in the classroom activities. Kindly follow the observation procedure which will be explained to you.


A child is officially enrolled in the programme when the school has received the Admission fee and fees for the first term.

Class placement policy

60% Complete

Decisions regarding Class placement rest with the school. The individual child’s social, emotional, and academic development as well as any special needs are evaluated in relation to a particular child’s learning style and temperament. While parent’s views are considered, final placement decisions rest with the school.

Continuation of enrollment

60% Complete

Available spaces in each environment are identified in the last term of the academic year for the coming Academic Year. For children who are not going to continue for the next academic year starting in June, parents must inform the school by the previous February. Similarly, applications for Transfer Certificates must be submitted in February.

If the school has not received the student’s continuation details by the deadline given, his/her place will be made available to new students on the waiting list.

Child/staff privacy

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Nebula Montessori will keep personal information confidential, respecting the privacy of each child and his/her family. The school will not give out phone numbers or addresses of families that have expressed that they do not wish to share information. Similarly, we greatly value the privacy of our staff. The office will not give out their home phone numbers or addresses.