Our Montessori Adults

The different areas of the classroom are introduced to the children through group presentations and also on an individual basis. The freedom of choice within a safe and secure environment means that there is plenty of opportunity for the teacher to give one-on-one attention. Our Montessori teachers carefully chart the progress of each child, helping them to achieve their goals. They gently encourage children to move on to the next level once they have perfected a particular activity.

Similarly, if a child is struggling they will be able to suggest activities to build their confidence, preparing them for future tasks. For example, if a child is finding it difficult to hold a pencil, the teacher would guide them towards work with Practical Life equipment such as using tweezers to pick up objects; threading beads; using a medicine-dropper; modelling with play dough and cutting with scissors. They may also encourage work with materials like the knobbed cylinders in the Sensorial area, which require a three-finger 'pincer-grip'. Gradually, these activities will help to develop the small muscles in the child's hand, better preparing them for writing.